Barbie and Ken Ice Skates

Hello! Since it is July, and 92 degrees out, Harlow decided that she wanted ice skates for her Barbie and Ken dolls. Obviously. Not a pool, or a beach scene. Not a cute beach umbrella, not little diy watermelon… Ice skates. Ah, well. Ice skates it is.

I looked on Pinterest for ideas, but really didn’t find much. As usual when I need something specific. I did find some that call for layering cardboard, but I just didn’t think it seemed like a great idea for the amount of work it seemed to take. It seemed overly fussy. I came across the idea of using plastic flossers from this video, but really didn’t care much for the rest of their ideas. Instead, Harlow grabbed a couple of pairs of footwear that she didn’t care much about, and we went to work. I painted the flossers with nail polish, cut them out, and hot glued them to the footwear. Easy. Seriously easy.

Of course once the skates were complete, her Barbies had an ice skating competition. Fierce competitors, I tell ya!

Stay cool and Happy 4th weekend!

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