Choosing to be Grateful

This has been a bizarre year. Obviously, that’s putting it mildly. In the past year (just over) my dad died, my uncle died, my husband lost his job, the entire world lost… everything, I became a home schooler (which is NOT in my wheelhouse), then another uncle died. To say I haven’t had a great year is… well… an understatement.

My naive little brain thought this would all be over by midsummer. Why did I think that??? I have literally not one reason. Maybe a coping mechanism? But, we aren’t able to escape the never-ending drone of how NOT okay everything is at this point, and, at least in a lot of ways, the end is nowhere in sight.

The thought of homeschooling brings actual tears to my eyes. However, the alternative of sending Harlow back to school seems like a horrible idea. I mean… “everybody wear masks at all times, stay 6 feet apart, and no indoor gatherings of more than 10 people… but, HEY, let’s send 500 germ-filled children who can’t keep their hands out of their mouths (or off each other) or their snot in a tissue back to school for 7 hours a day!” Paraphrasing, but there ya go. It’s absolutely unrealistic.

So. Where does that leave me? In limbo. In a fog of anxiety.

It hasn’t all been bad. Actually, in my own little bubble, life’s been pretty great. And sometimes that’s what you have to focus on. You have to choose to be grateful. If we weren’t going through this, we wouldn’t be spending so much family time together, and we’ve had a lot of great family time. We’ve been on hikes, strawberry picking, blueberry picking, we’ve done a lot of house projects as a family, Chris has spent a lot of daddy/daughter time that would never have happened if the past year had been “normal”. We’ve done LOTS of fun dress-up days. Harlow has performed so many concerts and dance recitals. We aren’t living by a schedule. We aren’t rushing to swimming, and gymnastics, and cheer camp, and ballet, and playdates, and, and, and… We’re just taking each day as it comes. It’s been different, but it’s been good.

Stay home, wash your hands, wear your masks, and choose to be grateful.

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