Virtual School – How’s it Going?

We are now into our 4th “official” week of school. The first two weeks were, quite frankly, pointless. Week One we had one Zoom meeting day, then a cancelled day due to some people having a power outage. Week Two was nothing be tech failures and placement testing. Harlow and I were both ready to quit. It was incredibly frustrating.

Then Week Three ushered in our actual daily schedule, and things settled down very nicely. Last week and the current week have been so, so much smoother. We are getting used to the schedule, the meetings, doing our own assignments, and spending some free time doing some fun stuff too. It has been really nice, to be honest. (Not every minute, mind you… we’ve had a couple of epic meltdowns.)

One thing that really helped is setting up a designated school zone, instead of just sitting at the kitchen table like we did at the end of last school year and the first 2 weeks of this year. It just wasn’t working. Chris built an awesome bookcase, and we moved her whiteboard and table and chairs into the corner of the master bedroom.

Abbey has even been taking her education quite seriously! She’s a little confused about why we’ve taken over her sleeping room, but she’s being quite magnanimous about it all.

Harlow has gotten really into her Barbies again, which has been a lot of fun for me. Lately we’ve been making Barbie accessories. We have a long list of stuff we still want to make, too! Oh, if only there were more hours in a day!

Currently we have a walk-in Barbie Shower in the works. Plus, un-Barbie related, we are making a permanent faerie house for the garden.

If you are homeschooling, or doing a virtual academy, let me just say, I understand! It is hard and frustrating, but we’re all in this together, and we can do it! Stay strong!

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