Breath of Fresh Air

Last weekend Harlow, Abbey, and I took a much-needed weekend up north to see family. With Covid, I’m unbearably anxious, and wasn’t going to go since everyone (but us) is back at school, but ultimately decided it would be good for us.

While we did maintain pretty strict social distancing, it was nice to see everyone and take some time in the fresh country air. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and you just don’t get the same effect of the fall beauty in the suburbs. The property I grew up on is just magnificent in the fall. There really just is nothing like it.

While it just isn’t quite the same without my dad, (it is still hard as hell to go there and not see him), it is still… home.

Harlow, Abbey, and I spent some quality time with Harlow’s grandma and had so much fun out in the leaves. We visited a roadside pumpkin patch, made some leaf art, and just had good, old-fashioned fun.

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