Advent Calendar Week 1

A few years ago, I bought an advent calendar to add a little pizazz to the season. Every year I struggle to find enough activities to fill them, so I thought I would share with you what we’ve been doing over here, week by week. This year I cheated a little, and sprinkled a few little trinkets throughout the calendar.

Day 1: Write a letter to Santa

Day 2: Popcorn Wreath Bird Feeder

Day 3: Glass Beagle & Delivering Neighbor Gifts

(Harlow is really into tiny glass animals/figurines lately.) Plus we delivered our “neighbor gifts” to our dearest neighbors. A poinsettia and an original work of art by Harlow. (More on her artwork to come!)

Day 4: Craft #1 (Cardboard Chain Harlow’s Grandma supplied.)

Day 5: Peppermint “Bark” Penguins

(At 41 years old, I JUST learned how easy it is to melt chocolate {I know, I know… but I genuinely hate 90% of kitchen-related activities.}) and Harlow and I picked up a cut little mold at Dollar Tree, so we had to try it! It turned out perfectly and they were sooo delicious!) This was actually an addition. She also got the cat seen above with the beagle. We were supposed to have a visit from her uncle, but it fell through due to Covid. As if it hasn’t ruined enough!

Day 6: Penguin socks

Day 7: Make Daddy’s Ornament.

Harlow decided that she wasn’t quite up to this task today, so we put this aside until she was ready for that undertaking!

Stay tuned for next week’s roundup of advent activities/gifts!

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