Barbie Shower, Basketball Hoops, & Dog Coat

I haven’t shared our Barbie creations in a while. We’ve done a few fun things, plus decorated for Christmas!

Harlow decided that a Barbie bathtub just wasn’t fun enough, so we started, as a family, to make one! Chris built the frame and “tiled” it. I designed it, painted it, picked the materials, finished the inside, and made the towel bars for the outside. Plus the bath puff. I’m excited about that adorable bath puff.

Another thing we did as a family is the basketball hoops. Harlow loves playing sports with Barbies, and after using makeshift hoops that just didn’t quite cut it, we decided to make some! Again, Chris built the basic shape, and I added the netting, and the backboard details.

The dog coat was super fun and really easy. I just took a free pattern for a real dog coat I found online, and printed it in a reduced size. Then I used leftover material from 10 years ago when I made Abbey’s coat, and stitched the two together. If I were to do it again (which I might) I would make the neck and tummy straps longer. Other than that, it worked out great!

Barbie and her family have also done some decorating. They have a tree, some stockings (I made) the mantle tree decoration (I made), the deer head (we really need stocking holders!), and the wall art. They even already have all their gifts wrapped and under the tree (I actually have no idea what Harlow wrapped up!).

Happy last day of school before Winter Break!!! (I’m so looking forward to the break!)

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