Advent Calendar Week 3

Hello!  Is it just me or has December just flown by?  I feel like I did so much prep work, and now it’s almost over!  Week three of our calendar is done, and I will share what we did. 

Day 15: Craft

My sister bought this for Harlow last month, and I decided to save it for an advent activity.  It turned out beautifully!

Day 16: Bird Feeders

Full disclosure, we did both the craft and the bird feeders on the same day, because we totally forgot about the calendar one night!

Day 17: Wrap Gifts

I didn’t take photos of this… pretty self-explanatory.

Day 18: Glass Pumpkin

This was a cheat day… another glass figurine and no activity.

Day 19 & 20: Crafts (that my little Grinchlette didn’t want to do…)

Day 21: Christmas Movie

Wild Krattz Christmas Movie

Again, I didn’t take a photo, so here is a Christmas candle decoration I made for Harlow’s Barbie house.

Day 22: Make Christmas Cookies

We also made up reindeer food bags to drop at friends houses, and painted our nails all Christmassy.

Day 23: Decorate Cookies (and glass hamster)

Day 24: Leave Cookies and Milk for Santa!

Last year’s offering.

Happy adventing!

Updated to change our Day 24: Melted Snowman!

Harlow was excited about leaving cookies and milk (and carrots) for Santa and his reindeer, and then wondered aloud what our last advent activity would be. I couldn’t very well tell her that it was… leaving cookies and carrots. So instead, I added Melted Snowman.

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