Barbie House Updates (and Valentine’s Day, and other stuff)

Harlow is so, so much like me in so many regards.  For example, she’s constantly frustrated that her toys aren’t more realistic.  She’s annoyed that all her Barbie furniture is PINK and most have a Barbie logo on them.  That is just not how real furniture and accessories around the house look!  And because I’m exactly the same way, I’m happy to indulge her and help her update her family’s decor.  Eventually we will try to paint all the “pink”. The kitchen, the washing machine and dryer, the sink base, etc…

We already did the shower, and added a toilet paper dispenser (an obvious need). 

Since her Barbie family outgrew the house as it originally was laid out (having four kids takes room!) we converted the garage into a living room.  Since doing that, they have been living with the old “concrete” flooring.  Recently we stopped by (on a total whim) a local carpet store to see if we could remedy that situation.  The sales guy was awesome and amused that we’d come in JUST for Barbie carpet.  We found a sale rack of samples for $1-$2, and he gifted us a large section of carpet that Harlow liked from a brand-new, gorgeous, not-even-opened-yet roll.  He said that there was so few moments of joy for kids these days he wanted to do something nice.  What a guy!  So we got three full rooms of carpet and another large section to make throw rugs, all for $4.  Seriously.  Awesome. 

I also made a cool fold-out couch for the living room.  (Grandma sleeps over to help with the kids quite often, and it just wasn’t comfy for her!)

I very loosely based the couch on this plan, but I’m terrible at following directions.  

Next up, finishing the sink for the bathroom.  Other things I have on my list include:

  • snowpants for the girls made from an old glove
  • more leggings and jeggings
  • more baby clothes
  • furniture to round out some other mini houses we have for other families
  • family photos in frames
  • about a hundred other things that swamp my brain

Let’s see… what else? Oh!  Harlow and I had a fun adventure getting our hair done!  She wanted real highlights, and I’m always in for hair fun, so we went for it!  It was easy on my anxiety, since only one appointment is allowed at a time in the building, so it was just Harlow, me, and the stylist, who was masked up the whole time.  It was awesome.   I got roughly a foot chopped off and blue highlights.   Harlow got around 7 inches off and teal streaks.  She’s in love with it!

Other than that, we’ve been having Barbie outdoor adventures and had a long visit to Grandma’s house, where we were basically snowed in,  but it was still very nice.  Very relaxing.

Huge plow hill! We had a lot of fun on that!

And finally, today is Harlow’s school Valentine’s Day party for school.  I tried to make it special by having her dress up and gave her some themed snacks.  She’s having a great time.

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy crafting!

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