March is for Shamrocks!

Every year, I find myself decorating more and more for each holiday. I like to blame it on Harlow’s enthusiasm for decorating, but honestly, I find myself wanting to add on every year, too. This year was even more fun because of the addition of Mr. Bones. He has been a gift that has kept on giving since Halloween! I love dressing him up for each holiday. I know… there is probably some underlying psychological thing there, I’m sure, but… se la vie. Plus, since Chris’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s day, it gives me an even more legitimate excuse to go all out, right? I’ll go with that.

I made the gnome, put together the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”, made the calendar fridge magnet shamrock, and finished the sparkly shamrock on the mantle. It was originally an unfinished wood shamrock from JoAnn Fabrics, but I finished it out with some leftover glitter foam that I had on hand. It turned out pretty cute for what a non-project it was!

My porch hasn’t changed (which is bugging me more than it should). I still love my leprechaun, but he needs company!

Blah-ish, right? I need something more! Maybe I’ll think of something by next year…

Happy March to you all, and hopefully the sunny weather of the last few days will stick around! I’m ready for Spring!

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