Bunny Ears and Birthday Wishes

We are all kinds of celebratory and decorations over here these days! Not only are we ready for Easter, but our baby girl turned 8 today!

Even Barbie and her family are ready for the Big Bunny Visit!

Of course, we’re ready for his visit, too! I only made a couple of new things for Easter this year. I transformed a Dollar Tree tinsel bunny into a cute fuzzy bun-bun, and I made a new Easter porch sign – my last double-sided sign that I plan on doing. I made a quick bunny butt magnet for my refrigerator magnet, and of course, Mr. Bones, Eight, and Tiny dressed up. The only other things I have on the agenda for Easter decor may not happen this year. I have half of a wreath started that I’ve been changing my mind about how to finish it off, and I REALLY want to make an outdoor egg-tree topiary type of thing for the porch, but I need to figure out how to do it, and how I want it to actually look. I don’t like anything I’ve seen on Pinterest or elsewhere online.

The “before” photo isn’t mine… It was the ONLY one I could find online of the original bunny, and I had forgotten to take a “before” shot.

And finally, my sweet girl turns 8 today. We’re celebrating as much as we can given it is a school day… at home… with no party again this year. She’s having a great day, though, being the resilient and sweet kid she is. I love celebrating this kid. She’s such a joy.

Later we will have a special lunch, open gifts, and have milkshakes and M&M ice cream sandwiches. We are letting her take the day off school tomorrow to do something special… we just haven’t figured out what yet! lol!

Have a great day, and I’ll be back with what to put in an 8 year old girl’s Easter basket!

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