Easter Basket for an 8 Year Old Girl

Hello, springtime chicks! The weather here has been perfection! I’m sitting here, waiting for Harlow to finish up her morning “wake up” cartoon, and itching to get outside! We have a fun day of her friend’s virtual birthday party today. 10am parade, 3:30 “party” and 6:30 virtual movie gathering. It should be a fun and busy day. I’m hoping to get out to start working in the yard and garden. Or go rollerblading. Or simply sit in the sun.

Before that, though, I promised to share what was in an 8 year old girl’s Easter basket! I know I’m terrible at getting to this early, but hey! It will help you next year!

So. This year the Easter Bunny brought a basket and 45(!) eggs.

In the Basket:

In the Eggs:

  • Claire’s jewelry (Claire’s always has great sales, and a lot of eggs held a ring or bracelet from sets.)
  • Barbie clothes and accessories (again, split up from sets)
  • Pop-Pop Pets
  • The big “Bunny Egg” had a new straw cup
  • One egg held more candy (She’s not really into candy)

The rest of the day, we colored eggs, rode bikes (I Rollerbladed), made (and ate) deviled eggs, and Chris and Harlow made pizza. It was a very lovely Easter.

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