Patriotic Wreath, Barbie Stuff, and End of the School Year

I’m exhausted. I am. I’m so, so ready for school to be over. So ready. Bring it on, summer! We have 5 full days left. I can do it. Harlow can do it. We can do it. Deep breath.

I have carved out a little, little bit of time to work on a few things. First up, the Patriotic Wreath. I used all materials from Dollar Tree.

I actually prefer how my version turned out. I had some leftover patriotic ribbon that I hot glued onto a spare Christmas-print wreath hanger, and it’s good to go! I usually don’t decorate for 4th of July, but since having Mr. Bones, I just had to dress him up. Since I dress him up, I figured I basically HAVE to decorate some other stuff, too, right? Of course!

Let’s see. What else? Okay, I also did some quick Barbie stuff. Harlow asked for a Barbie shopping list like we have on our refrigerator. I found an actual “real people-sized” shopping list online, printed it out in miniature, cut them out, hot glued them like I did the calendar, with a cardboard backing, and stuck it to their fridge. It turned out cute. I made a couple of beds using more Dollar Tree stuff, and damaged/outgrown clothes for sheets/bedding. I made the “wall art” from a painting cut out of a magazine and some leftover wood… um… pieces? I don’t know where the tiny wood strip came from, actually, but I love how it turned out!

What else, what else…? I finally got my garden planted! And our yard has been glorious lately. I love this time of year for our house and yard. In a few more days, all the flowers will be fallen in the mulch and a huge pain to clean up, but for now, it is like The Secret Garden. I’ve gotten SO MUCH love on the garden stakes. They are from a local small business called J&R Laser Engraving. They have a ton of really cool stuff and are open to ideas! Check them out!

That’s it for now. Things are busy and pretty stressful around here, so I’m just popping in for a sanity break. Wish me luck on the last week of school!!! *deep breaths* #Isuckasateacherandmaybeasamom

Have a great week!

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