New Halloween Crafts

Oh, Halloween season. How I love thee. While 80 degree days stubbornly sticking around have put a slight damper on the season so far, starting today, the fall weather will be here in full force, and adding that to all the Halloween decor that has popped up around our house (thank God my husband loves Halloween almost as much as Harlow and I do!) it will finally FEEL like my favorite season!

I haven’t done much Barbie Halloween crafting… in other words, no costumes yet this year (there’s still time!) I have done a few other things. Slow and steady… I add a handful of things to the decor every year. I had a framed blackboard left over from a couple of years ago when I did the Christmas countdown board, plus a couple of things I got at Dollar Tree to create this spooky sign. It is my favorite new decoration, I think.

The tree was a white (Christmas?) tree I found at Goodwill, and painted black. It was way easier than I anticipated.

The other new things are my two new “witch apothecary” bottles. It is my hope to keep making them until I have enough to have a tray of just bottles (or jars/tubs/etc) to set out in my kitchen. For now, they are hanging out in our living room’s built-ins.

I also tried my hand at this Pinterest idea. Hers is… much, much better. But I like mine okay, too.

And the rest…

Have a great rest of your week!

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