2021 Advent Calendar – Week 2

Sorry I’m late with this week… it’s been a crazy few days. Due to several threats of gun violence made in our school district by students, the schools decided to close this week. So… it’s been real. Anyway.

Advent Calendar Week 2!

Day 8 – Free Craft

Harlow looked through my Christmas craft bin and came up with a little diorama of a Christmas Eve offering to Santa and Rudolph. So cute. (Then she kept going and made some other things as well…)

Day 9 – Barbie Christmas Cards

This was supposed to be a quick and simple printout craft of Barbie Christmas Cards, and I’m telling ya… hours later we had fallen down the Christmas Barbie Craft Rabbit Hole. There are so many awesome ideas out there! We ended up with gift bags and gift boxes, cards with envelopes, a book with a CD, “Amazon” gift boxes, and a Christmas card display. It was fun. I just modeled the card holder after my own, very loosely, obviously. The cards were made by making them on an actual card print site, then just printing them tiny. The envelopes, book, bags, etc, were found through My Froggy Stuff, mostly. That is an awesome site. Here is a link to a bunch of their holiday printables.

Day 10 – Reindeer Food Packs

We did this last year, too, and delivered extra packages of Reindeer food to her friends. It was a hit.

Day 11 – Christmas Donut

Day 12 – Rudolph Cookies

So this one took… a turn. We were originally going to do actual cookies made to look like reindeer and/or Rudolph, but we were both not into it, but since Harlow is ALWAYS up for playing Barbies, THEY made the cookies out of Play-Doh, and honestly, they turned out pretty cute! The edible cookies will come, but probably next week.

Day 13 – Gingerbread House

Day 14 – Wrap Lily’s Gift

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