Valentine’s Day Class Party 2022

I think it is so strange that I constantly feel like I’m bombarded with things to do, when to be completely honest, I have nothing to do that doesn’t directly come from myself. I don’t HAVE to make Barbie furniture. I don’t HAVE to obsess about Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine’s Day. I do it to myself. I could buy a card rather than make one for get well wishes. I really didn’t NEED to make a pair of shoes JUST for Harlow’s Valentine’s Day party. But, oh, they turned out so cute! Seriously. So adorable. Which, I mean, kind of feeds my obsession, right? What am I supposed to do when I get something in my head that just keeps screaming at me until I make it? Make it, right? I’m powerless. Sigh.

So of course that also meant that when Harlow asked me to make her Valentines for her school friends, I spent the entire day (4 days?) meticulously putting together the pieces and parts. They are ridiculously cute.

Finally, I’m providing the craft for the kids to do at the class party. I decided to do two things, one a craft, and the other more of a nice thing for their teacher.

The kids can write something they love about their teacher on a heart-shaped sticky note and she’ll have a nice little reminder of what she brings into the kids’ lives.

Finally today, I had to make a kissing booth. For kisses. Delicious, delicious kisses.

It’s a “sweet” little centerpiece on our dining room table.

That’s all for today, peeps. Maybe this will give you some last-minute Valentine classroom ideas.

Kiss, kiss.

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