What’s Next?!?

If you’re an Odd Squad fan, you just said that in Dr. O’s voice. If not, well, you’re missing out. Anyway. Valentine’s Day is over. So what’s next? I cleaned up all the stuff from the Valentine’s Day party, and decided to play a little bit. First, I dug out the Snuffle Mat In Progress that I’ve been working on off and on for months. Then, after receiving some very disappointing, common-sense lacking, rage-inducing news from Harlow’s school, I abandoned it to make myself a “people are stupid” mug to feel a little bit better. It didn’t really work, but it is super cute. So now if people ask me to describe myself in two words, I can just…

That’s my “bless your heart” fake smile, BTW.

I also made two mugs for friends, but I will share those later, after they’ve gotten them.

Let’s see, what else? I have begun to think about Harlow’s birthday and whether to party or not to party. A bigger question than I wish it were. Kitten themed if we go for it. Obviously. I may have an extensive Pinterest board on the subject. Maybe. I get a bit obsessed with planning. If only I could make money with my obsessiveness.

Harlow and I have loved to play card games for a few years, but it’s always been a struggle for her with her tiny little hands to hold all the cards and sort them. I bought her a hand held card “fan” that is made for this problem, and it was absolutely pointless. The cards fell out, it barely held enough to make it worth it, and was just overall hard to use. I’ve been meaning to make her one for… well, years, but I’m outside of my obsessive planning on a few things, my mind lets go of an idea unless it is a current issue. So, the other day we had gotten done playing a board game, and as I was putting it away, I noticed UNO. Since Harlow was going to go occupy herself for a few minutes, I ran downstairs and threw together a quick card holder. She LOVED it! It made it so much easier and it was so easy to make. I took the cardboard back cover of an old art pad (9×12) and cut it in half. Then I glued felt I had on hand to them, leaving a tiny space so it could bend easily. I added another scrap of cardboard to connect the two sides to form a tent. I had big ribbon pieces that I cut and hot glued on the bottoms and sides, leaving a pocket. This would have been easier had I just had thinner ribbon and didn’t have to cut it. That was the hardest part. Then I stuck some adhesive velcro on the bottom so I could detach and fold, and bam! Card Holder!

It was VERY hodge-podged together because I wanted to get it done, but it was really easy and works really well.

Next, our cat, Lily, has become as high-maintenance as the rest of our kids. It’s actually fairly funny because her foster had told us how cuddly and quiet she was, and that she didn’t really play. She meows more than any cat I’ve ever known, and her meows are so, so bizarre. She says “Mom” and I swear she tries to talk to us. She’s hilarious. She also plays constantly and isn’t very content playing by herself. So, in an attempt to get her to play SOMETIMES by herself, I took an old shoe box, cut a couple of holes in it, and shoved a few little bells and other toys in it. It works… sort of. She does play with it, but she also loses interest after a minute. So, a kind of win?

Last thing, a recipe. My step-mom has made the most delicious energy balls for a few years and I will inhale them every time we go for a visit. I’ve asked her for the recipe a few times (and lost the recipe a few times), and I finally got it together and tried making them this weekend! They are not as good as hers because she doesn’t really follow the recipe anymore – she puts her own flair on them. But they did turn out really tasty and I will be making them again. They are so addictive! I only made half a batch because I ran out of honey, and I omitted the last two bulleted ingredients (coconut??? Gag!), but the rest is what I did. Obviously I also balled them with a cookie baller instead of cutting them into bars. I love the popability of them. Snack!

I hope you got some ideas from this post! Happy to help, have a great day! (Said in Olympia’s voice… seriously watch Odd Squad.)

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