Quick Little Easter Wreath

I wasn’t planning this post, because, like with so many things, I did this on the spur of the moment.
Last year (or maybe the year before?) I dug out a wreath form I had bought from The Dollar Tree. It had been kicking around, waiting for me to be inspired.

Spoiler Alert: I was never really inspired.

So when I dug it out… however long ago… I decided to make a bunny wreath for Easter. I had some faux fur yarn that I had bought on clearance for another project last year and started wrapping. It was tedious, took FOREVER because of a few factors, including the slippery-ness of the metal wreath form, and I just didn’t like the look of it. So, it sat in the craft room, again, for another long stretch of time.

I dug it out again this year, determined to finish it, looked at it with disgust, and tore it all apart.
So I was left with partially hot glued faux fur yarn, and a destroyed wreath form.
For some reason, I thought of the pool noodles we had purchased, also a couple of years ago, from The Dollar Tree. I grabbed one, cut it to the size I wanted, duct-taped the ends together, and started wrapping. It only took a few minutes, total, including stopping to hot glue it down every once in a while. Then I took a destroyed wreath form, cut it with my wire cutters, bent the pieces into ear shapes, stuck them in (hot gluing them in, but I’m not sure it helped much), covered them int he very last scraps of faux fur, then cut pieces from Harlow’s old jacket that I loved, but was stained with permanent marker – pink faux suede – and filled in the ears.

Harlow loved the bunny wreath as-is. I thought something was missing. So, I started making felt flowers, and thought it might add a little pop of spring. What do you think?

I was undecided until I put it up. I love how the pop of color ties in the other (few) decorations on the front stoop.

Coming Soon: What is in a 9 year old’s Easter Basket.

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