What’s In a 9 Year Old Girl’s Easter Basket?

Hello, and Happy Almost-Easter! I had promised to try to post this before Easter to give last-minute shoppers possible ideas. I haven’t been super successful in the past with this, so.. Hurrah!

In case you want to look back:

Easter Baskets for:

8 year old

7 year old

6 year old

2 year old

This year I have been thinking of holidays like Christmas and Easter in terms of “this might be the last year she believes” and it has been making me overcompensate out of sheer sadness. My baby is NINE years old. And a smart, savvy 9 year old at that. So I’m trying to keep the magic alive as long as possible. So, cutting to the chase, what is in this 9 year old girl’s Easter basket this year?

Kitten Makit and Bakit Kit from Hobby Lobby

Bunny M&M’s

Cat Squishmallow – please note that this is the only link I could find, but I got mine at Dollar General for $4.

Cozy Socks

Magic Bunny Book #1

Two LOL Minis Pets

Real Littles Bunny Backpack – again, please note that I linked to the actual item I could find, but I got mine at Walmart (I think?) for around $8. I also recently saw it at Target.

Barbie Take Along Mini Activity Kit

Bath & Body Some Bunny Loves You Hand Sanitizer

Okay, so now for the eggs.

I bought a bunch of things I could divide out.

Claires ring set

Totally Tiny sets – two are linked here, but I got mine at Meijer on clearance.

Ulta sampler perfume set

Candy – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs and Reese’s Pieces “Carrots”

Barbie Pack

Lego Friends Cat Grooming

Surprizamals – again, link is for info only – I got mine on clearance at Meijer.

2 Ulta Lip Glosses

Hobby Lobby Miniature Art Set

Dollar Tree Bunny

Dollar Tree Squishy Palz

Now, since we aren’t going up north as we have done in past years, allowing the Easter Bunny to hide eggs while we’re gone, coming home to the surprise that he had been here, the trick will be to stuff the eggs and hide them while a very light-sleeper little girl who is super smart sleeps in the other room.

Wish us luck, hope this helps, and HOPPY EASTER!!! You know I had to.

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