Dollar Tree Flip Flop Makeover

Hello!  I don’t know about you,  but I’m counting down the days until school is OUT!   (12 school days.) 

Harlow has some fun school activities the last couple of weeks, and one of them requires open toed shoes.  She does have a new pair of adorable sandals,  but the front part touches some of her toe nails, and since nail polish is unforgiving and a part of the activity,  I had to scramble for a plan B (which became plans C & D).

Since shopping in our immediate area is scarce,  I checked out Dollar Tree.  They had flip flops in her size, and a bonus – cheetah print!  She really liked them, but the hard plastic T-strap dug into her feet and she couldn’t wear them without pain. 

I figured since either way she wouldn’t be able to wear them, I’d try to “fix” them.  I grabbed some scrap t-shirt material (actually, I think they were old leggings) cut off the T-strap, heated up the glue gun, and got busy!

As you can see, I ended up going back for another pair to do the yoga toe pair.  (I don’t actually know what that kind of strap is called, but I always see them on people at yoga.  *shrug*)  Now we’ll just have to see if they will hold up at all!

And just because I discovered this 30 seconds ago, we have a birdie baby on the way!

So sweet! Have a great week!

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