Easy-Peasy Lemon Teacher Gifts

I’ve had lemons on my brain lately. Today is our last day of school for the year, and I found a couple of cute lemon-themed items that, of course, blew into an obsessive amount of lemon-gift planning. The funny thing (haha?) is that most of the items I bought, I’m not going to use. *face palm* BUT that’s okay, because… Of reasons. Probably.

However! I did settle on a few gifts. I wanted to get something more substantial for her principal (who is a rockstar and has never ceased to address any of my concerns with a very serious and caring efficiency), and her teacher. Plus her hard working “specials” teachers – music, art, social/emotional, and gym, and the school’s secretary.

For her principal, I found glass beverage container, then filled it with lemons, sugar in a glass jar, 2 lemon print dish towels, lemon cake truffles, lemon hand sanitizer, and a cute little lemon balm plant starter kit, plus a small Starbucks gift card for “when lemonade just isn’t quite enough”.

For her primary teacher, I made a lemon-themed bag, and filled it with a lemon sun hat, the same lemon balm starter kit, lemon hand sanitizer, and cake truffles, and since she’s a girlie-girl who likes to have her nails done, a set of Lily & Fox lemon printed nail polish stickers. So cute.

For her school’s secretary, and the art, music, and socials teachers, I found adorable little water bottles and filled them with lemonade mix packets, lemon cake truffles, and hand sanitizer, with the addition of a small Starbucks gift card for the secretary. For her gym teacher, I figured he would prefer not to have the more feminine gifts and stuck to the cake ball truffles. Let’s be honest… my cake pop/truffle making skills have not improved. I don’t know what I do wrong, but I can never get them to look good. They turned out “okay” and tasted great (in my opinion) but the weren’t as smooth as I wanted. It was fun rolling them into lemon shapes though.

Also, Harlow’s class was having a Tropical Day for the last half day. She dressed the part and we decided to make “summery” cupcakes. Because of the way we had to transport them, I didn’t get a true “finished” photo which is so sad because they were ADORABLE, but I mocked up two so you could get the gist.

So that’s it, folks. Just a one last progress report on our little aliens. So cute. Or… not exactly cute, but… you know. Cute.

Happy beginning of summer!

Quick rundown of the gifts:

  • Drink Bottles: Dollar Tree
  • Beverage Dispenser: 5 Below
  • Lemon Sun Hat: 5 Below
  • Hand Sanitizers: Bath and Body Works
  • Kitchen Towels: Dollar Tree
  • Lemon Print Treat Bags: JoAnn Fabric (clearance)
  • Lemon Balm Starter Plants: 5 Below
  • Lemon Nails: Lily & Fox
  • Sugar Container: Hobby Lobby (I applied the “Sugar” on the front)

The cake ball truffles were just lemon cake mix, lemon frosting, and yellow candy melts that I sprinkled with yellow sugar. The bear beach cupcakes were dark chocolate cake, white frosting mixed with 6 drops of blue gel food coloring, brown sugar, teddy grams, fruit rollups cut for the beach towels, and gummy sour rings for the intertubes. The hardest part was finding the cocktail umbrella “beach umbrellas”. I had to go to several stores, eventually calling around before I found them! It was worth it, though. So cute.

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