Summer’s False Start

Well, it is officially the 6th day of summer vacation and Harlow has been sick for… *checks watch*… 5 of those days. She must have been exposed on the last day or two of school. We’ve been to the doctor, and it isn’t Covid or Strep. The doctor THINKS it is hand, foot, and mouth virus, which she said she’d been seeing a lot of going around. All I know is my poor kiddo was so excited to start summer break, but instead has been running a fever, feeling miserable, and having a massively sore throat. So far it seems to just be attacking her throat – no rashes on her other body parts which is part of HFM, but she’s pretty lethargic and sore. It is super weird to me that she got this, since she had it as a young infant, and it is supposed to mostly affect five years and under. Oh, well. We’ll get through it. Since it is only supposed to last about a week, and we’re on day 5, hopefully we’re almost out of the woods.

In the meantime, it’s been lots of indoor resting, lots of kitty cuddles, lots of Bluey, lots of smoothies, and some low-key playing.

Hopefully next time I check in, it will be with something more summer-break-ish than this. *le sigh*

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