Summer Break 2022

Hello! We’ve been so busy jamming in as much summer fun as we can (while still keeping up with day-to-day “boring life” tasks like laundry). It’s been a lot of fun.

Working from the list I made up this spring, so far we’ve…

  • Grow our garden!!! (I’m SO excited to get started on this!!!)
  • Zoo
  • Mini Golf
  • Beach at least 1x a week
  • Play Dates – at least every other week, if not more.
  • Water Balloons
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Make lots of art
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Barbie outdoor adventures (maybe they can camp at the park?)
  • Smores
  • Volcano
  • Splash Pad
  • Watch Sunset
  • Lots of walks
  • Hikes at our local nature preserve
  • Pick strawberries
  • Make strawberry jam
  • Pick blueberries
  • Make blueberry jam
  • Pick apples
  • Make apple butter

We’ve had at least one beach day and one play date a week. We’ve grown our “mistake” garden (the plants we bought had been mislabled, so instead of cherry tomatoes, we have GIGANTIC tomatoes growing, and instead of cucumbers, we’re growing what we believe to be acorn squash. Bleh. Oh, well.

We’ve had fun with both grandmas, (including a trip to the zoo planned with her paternal grandma next week, and a trip to an amusement park with her maternal grandma in two weeks! Her first!) had a glow party, played and created lots of stuff with Barbies including an Amazon Prime truck and packages, and a drivers training course complete with licenses. I got a new bike (my first!), so now I can ride with Harlow and my husband! And finally, our baby birds grew up and flew away. We were able to see one of the birds leave the nest!

So far, it has been a pretty active and fun summer break! Plus, we are planning our first family vacation! I’m so excited (and nervous!). I’m not a huge fan of traveling, but I’m excited nonetheless.

Have a great rest of the summer and I’ll try to pop back in with some sort of informative how-to’s or something one of these days. I have some fall/Halloween craft ideas in the works, plus some Christmas gift basket plans.

(Insert witty sign-off here.)

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