Our Family Vacation – Part 2

Day 2:

You guys – they don’t call it “Magic Kingdom” for nothing. What a magnificent experience. We decided, since we like Halloween a tiny bit (ha!) to skip the typical day at Magic Kingdom and go for the Halloween Party. We got there late due to some Royal Oak shenanigans (ugh, that place…) but once we made it, it was incredible.

Harlow and I dressed up as Moana and Te Ka. Our costumes were easy and comfortable, which I was a little worried about. We enjoyed zero lines for the rides we wanted, great views of the parade and the phenomenal fireworks display, and just a ton of fun.

I know… nobody likes to look at crappy fireworks photos, but it was just so spectacular, it is hard not to share. An absolutely amazing display.

Stay tuned for Day/Part 3! We went to a different kind of adventure park!

Toodles for now!

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