Our Family Vacation – Part 3

On our third day of vacation, we decided to get adventurous! We headed to Nona Adventure Park!

We had been looking forward to their inflatable water obstacle course for weeks! A typical day there costs over $100 a person, but Chris was browsing their website and found a deal for only $25 per person for the entire day! That included the water obstacle course, the climbing towers, and even knee/wake boarding! What an awesome find!

We started out with the climbing area when we got there because we wanted to do it before we got wet. It was a lot of fun (although I almost literally hung myself… more on that later.). Harlow wanted to stick to the kid course below, so one of us stayed with her, while the other did the upper levels.

There were several different levels of the climbing structure. The lowest was the kid course (Harlow LOVED it!), then the next couple were intermediate, which were the ones I stuck to, and the upper levels were for people who had lots of arm strength and coordination. Chris did those! There was a mid level where you could pull an eagle zip-line with handles back to you using a rope attached to it, then “fly” across to the other side. Three things went wrong when I tried it… first, I either didn’t have the momentum or the weight to make the eagle go all the way across. Second, I somehow got the rope tangled around my ankle. Third, my harness got stuck around my neck. SO for those of you keeping track, I was hanging by my neck midway across a big expanse of nothingness. I finally got my neck out of the harness (I’ll admit… that was scary) and with shouted instructions from the instructor working the towers, got myself across. He then had me go UP another level or two and rappel down 60 feet when I was done. SO out of my comfort zone, but SOOO much fun! You know… once I knew I hadn’t died.

After that, we decided to try knee boarding. You guys… Harlow was a natural! I was shocked! She only decided to do it twice, but after the first time when she did fall pretty quickly, the second time she made it around half the lake, which was as far as I went both of my turns! It was awesome!

Finally, we ended up at the obstacle course that we had been looking forward to. Insert the disappointed sounding “wah-wah” sound here. Not because the obstacle course wasn’t fun… it totally was. But on the first go-round of it, Harlow somehow cut her hand and was over it. We still aren’t quite sure how. Poor kiddo. But Chris and Harlow chilled on the beach, and I went out and took a lap. It was so much harder than it looks but was a lot of fun. Chris and Harlow did go out once more, but by that time, we were all pretty exhausted and ready to head back.

Well, peeps, that was about it for Day 3! Stay tuned for Part 4 – Animal Kingdom!

Later Gaters! (Stay tuned for more on that, too!)

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