Our Family Vacation – Part 4

So, on the fourth full day of our vacation, we got WILD! We headed to Animal Kingdom! We had planned on only being there a couple of hours, but ended up staying from the moment the gates opened until just before closing. We started off with the Kilimanjaro Safari. It was so awesome! We saw SO many animals, and even had to stop for quite a while because an entitled giraffe decided to hang out on the road, blocking several tour trucks.

We knew we wanted to do the safari, and got that done first, mainly because we’d been advised to do it early when it was cooler and the animals were more active. It really seemed to be the case because we saw SO many animals and they were almost all moving around instead of lying still in a lump (I’m looking at you, Mr. King of the Jungle Lion Man). Please note that my vacation phone had a cruddy camera, but even so, I got some good enough shots!

After the safari, we just sort of wandered. We did the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail and the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Of course we stopped by the petting zoo!

We stopped by the Tree of Life, where I took a photo for a family, and they returned the favor. The sun’s angle was a tad bright for our little girl.

And now, dear friends, we come to the best part of the day, and the one we spent the most time on. The Kali River Rapids. Harlow wasn’t all that interested in rides, but we decided to try this one. We rode it probably around 10 times. It was so much fun, and Harlow’s shrieks of delight were… well… delightful. We spent half the day drenched to the bone. And the best part was that either because of the off season, or because for some reason Animal Kingdom just isn’t as popular as other parks, we only waited in line one time, and it was for under 10 minutes. The other times were all mostly walk-ons. So awesome.

Not a dry spot on us. So. Much. Fun.

We also had some snack breaks, of course.

Chris and I shared a 50th Anniversary Ice Cream Cookie thing that was as big as our heads, but… um… it was scarfed before I thought to take a photo. Delicious!

But the animal shenanigans did not end there, friends! Oh, no! When we got back to our townhouse, we saw these little brave beauties!

There were also geckos or some sort of adorable little lizards ALL over the place! They were so stinking cute. On one short walk to the pool area, we counted 50 before we got bored with the game and stopped counting. Lol!

Well, folks, that wraps up our wild day with animals! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures! With bite!

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