Our Family Vacation – Part 5

In case you are just seeing this, you can catch up on our epic (for us) family vacation here.

Part 1, 2, 3, 4.

So! We arrive at our “down days”. We had scheduled in a few days of bigger things we wanted to see or do, and also some days to just relax. The first and last days of our vacation were just traveling. Lots and lots of waiting and airports and driving. Then there was Ponce Water Inlet Dolphin Cruise, Mickey’s Not So Spooky Halloween Party, Nona Adventure Park, and Animal Kingdom.

Our fifth and sixth full days of vacation were the relaxation days. Wednesday, my husband started looking at local low-key fun stuff to do. That led us first to souvenir shopping! We had looked at Disney for some souvenirs in their gift shops and everything was just… meh. Harlow wanted a sweatshirt to replace her absolute favorite sweatshirt that was donated by her school over the summer when she accidentally left it on the last day of school. (I’m still a little bitter about that… It was personalized with her name!!!) I also wanted some photo frames, and a Christmas ornament (which is the only thing I didn’t find). BUT! We accomplished our mission of finding her a new favorite sweatshirt. She has worn that thing almost every day since we bought it!

After that, we hung out at the pool for a bit.

Around 3pm, we figured if we were going to DO anything, we’d better get moving! So we hopped in the car for some mini golf at Congo River Golf. This place was so much fun. They had an AWESOME mini golf course, plus small alligators to look at, hold, and feed. (I had mixed feelings about that, because I hate seeing animals of any kind treated like “goods”, but they were so gentle with them, and the alligator we held did have tape on his mouth, but it hung loose, like it could be just slipped on and off. It wasn’t tight, or probably even sticky. It was like they slipped that loop on and off as a deterrent. The handler even showed us how our particular alligator liked to be petted!) Plus, the employees were incredibly nice and helpful. We even each got a commemorative medal on a necklace when we left!

After we held this sweet little scaly puppy, we decided to feed the others. They gave us packets of dried chicken and vitamins. You attached the pieces onto a pole with a clip on the end, and lowered the pieces into the pit. It was like fishing for alligators, and Chris and Harlow had fun!

On our way out, we noticed the fish pond, and the fish looked so hungry, we decided we needed to feed them, too. 🙂

I was going to wrap it up with this post, but it got longer than I like to make them, so I’ll be back tomorrow with the last of our family vacation. Stay tuned!

Have a great day!

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