Our Family Vacation – Part 6 (plus Halloween)

We made it to the wrap-up! The final full day of our vacation was a full-on relaxation fest. We had talked about going to the ocean for the day, but that would have involved almost 4 hours in the car, round-trip, and Harlow was NOT interested in that. Which is too bad… I think it would have been fun to look for shells and sea glass. I don’t blame her, though. I’m not a fan of car trips, either. We also thought about renting jet skis to ride at a nearby lake inlet, but in the end, we were all happy to chill out.

We started off the day making cinnamon rolls and doing some homework on the porch.

After that, we spend a loooong time at the pool.

After we were done with the pool, we walked to Old Town for a little site-seeing and ice cream. I only took photos of one thing during our excursion there, but it was a cool, spooky building.

The next morning, we were up and out the door, on our way to the airport by about 6:30am.

We were SO exhausted by the time we got home at around 6:30pm. 12 hours of traveling will do that to ya! But we couldn’t relax for the rest of the weekend, because we are, after all, still Halloween people and it was Halloween weekend! Saturday we carved pumpkins! (And did some yard work and leaf jumping!)

Then, of course, came Halloween. After the day’s school party and the evening’s trick-or-treating, our whirlwind of activity was over. Deep breath, and let it out. *whew!*

And that, dear friends, is a wrap. I’ve just been catching up with stuff around the house, and volunteering at Harlow’s school. I’ll be starting to do more with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, but for now, that’s all.

Have a wonderful week. Toodles!

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