Homemade Christmas

I’m so excited to finally share the Christmas gifts I made this year. This weekend, we had our first family get together since December 2019. I hadn’t seen one of my sisters and her family for THREE YEARS. It was so wonderful to see her, her husband, and her two kids. Her kids had grown up SO much. My nephew and Harlow were finally at a good age to play together, and man they had a blast. It was such a wonderful night.

During the summer, two of my sisters came to our parents house to sort through stuff that was in the top of the garage in storage. This was stuff from when my mom was alive, so it had been up there… a while. One of the items that was pulled down was an old Christmas decoration that consisted of a large heart shaped basket filled with a (rather scary, mangy looking) deer and some filthy pine boughs. We pulled it all apart, and one sister took the basket. I rescued the rest from the garbage because I’m a craft hoarder I already had an idea. I took the greens home and gave them a good scrub.

I thought it would be cool to give my sisters something that included something of our mom’s. So the twins were created.

One has been given the name “Sir Albert Pricklepuss”, which is absolute perfection. Lily LOVED these guys.

Not every year, but often, I try to make something for the sisters in the family. This year, that included my soon-to-be sister-in-law, which was exciting. I made shower steamers, sugar scrub, and little porcelain tags with their names. Then I threw in a couple other little things for fun. Similar to this, but with sugar scrub and shower steamers instead of lotion and the teacher ornament. Apparently I forgot to take photos of the baskets. Ugh.

The actual party was very low key and nice. We ate, played some games (bingo) and did a craft. Lots of talking and catching up. It was great. Unfortunately my husband couldn’t make it due to timing issues, but it was a good day.

Of course I had to have fun with the food I brought.

Now I have to work on finishing Christmas shopping for my husband. And Lily and Abbey. But my husband is the big one. Time’s running out!

Have a great day! I’ll be back with Week 2 of the Advent Calendar.

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