Advent Calendar Days 7-12

Good morning! I’m a little behind… what else is new? So let’s catch up!

Day 7: Christmas Donut

Self-explanatory and delicious.

Day 8: Barbie Christmas Decoration

A flop. Harlow took it out and said, “But what is the Advent today?” I thought it was cute. Hmph.

Day 9: Light Show

This is the second year we’ve attended this light show and it is so much fun. Even Abbey was fascinated.

Day 10: Craft – Paper Bag Snowflakes

We actually did this at the Christmas party as a group. It was a huge hit.

Day 11: Lily Christmas Photo Shoot

Obviously a huge hit because Harlow is obsessed with all things Lily.

Day 12: Dinosaur Fossil Dig

So this one was supposed to be a Glow Stick Party (which I assume we will still do at some point) but Harlow was so excited about the Dino Dig her Aunt Stacey got her that she chose to work on that instead.

That’s it for now. Try not to let the last mad rush before Christmas get too crazy!

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