Advent Calendar Days 19-24

Let’s finish this up, shall we?

Day 19: Snowman Craft

Day 20: Craft – Sewing Tree

Day 21: Craft – Sewing Snowman

Day 22: Bird Feeder

A blizzard started during the making of these, so we hung them up too quickly to stop for a photo! It is crazy pants out there right now!

Day 23: Barbie Christmas

Oh my gosh, this was so fun! I bought some of those 5 surprise mini brands toy and fashion balls, then wrapped up the prizes inside for the Barbies and their kids. It was such a hit!

In addition, I made a mini Uno game. Harlow and I LOVE to play Uno, and of course we had to play the mini version, too!

Day 24: Make and decorate cookies for Santa

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