Craft Room Clean-Up

Gaining control over my craft room has been stressing me out and consuming my thoughts for… years. Even when I “cleaned it up”, it was never really organized, so I never knew where anything was. For example, for decades, I’ve had fabric in totes, and could NEVER find anything when I looked for it. I was astounded by how much fabric I actually had. I took inspiration from the fabric store and rolled my fabric around pieces of cardboard and shelved them instead of having them shoved in bins. So far, it has made a TON of difference!

The other thing I sorted and organized is all of my wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, etc. It is SUCH a better system – before, like the fabric, I could never find anything I was looking for. I took the magazine holders that I used during our homeschooling adventures and organized the gift bags.

Everything feels SO organized and I can actually find things I’m looking for! I got rid of a ton of junk and it is just the best feeling. I can actually walk in here again and actually work on things! It’s awesome.

Next up is trying to organize Harlow’s Barbie clothes…

…but I have an idea! Stay tuned!

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