Barbie Clothing Organization

You guys. Barbie clothes have been the bane of my existence for years. We have a bin that is just overflowing and we can never find ANYTHING when we want it. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with organization and I MIGHT have actually figured something out! It is a definite work in progress, but so far it is looking promising. I bought some trading card holders, grabbed a couple of the 3 ring binders we had hanging around here and got to work. At first, the clothes started slipping out, so I went and got some adhesive “hook and loop closures” (also known generally as Velcro) and that has seemed to fix the issue – as long as they stay stuck.

I still have a LOT of clothes to organize and I need more binders and more inserts, although I think I’m going to also grab some 3×5 sizes. I do have a few 5×7 sizes, but they are possibly too big. When I get this all figured out once and for all, I’ll be back with an update, but I was too excited to wait to share because I think I’m actually on to something here! This way I can separate the five sizes of kids clothes (infant, Kelly, Chelsea, Stacey, and Skipper), Barbie (and curvy Barbie), & Ken (and curvy Ken).

This is going to (hopefully) be so awesome!

Have a great weekend!

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