Five Things Friday

I don’t have any cohesive thoughts right now, so I’m just going to share five things that I’ve been doing/reading/etc lately.

1): Valentine’s Day Stuff

I bought some hearts and a little set of Valentine’s themed wooden items from the Dollar Spot (or whatever it is called now) at Target the last time we were near one. I added some color to the glass framed sign by gluing cardstock to the back, and painted, bejeweled, and heat pressed some of the hearts to give them a little kick before adding them to my tiered tray. I also whipped up these little earrings today using the leather from an old purse. They were my very first attempt to make earrings, and I’m pretty happy with them! Finally, I made this adorable little mug as part of a Valentine’s Day gift for Harlow’s teacher. I will make some Oreo truffles to stuff it with.

2): Barbie Cleaning Supplies

I have had the idea for a Barbie vacuum in my mind for ages and finally got around to making one. It is made out of an M&M tube, paint brush, razor blade container, extra wheels from a Dollar Tree skateboard, pen parts, a mascara brush and a piece of rubber tube. Plus hot glue, paint, a sticker printout, adhesive vinyl, and wire. It looks rough, but I kind of love it.

After I showed Harlow the finished vacuum, she said, “I wish we had a Swiffer, too.” So… Um.

It has changeable pads and it actually tilts. It’s awesome.

3): Wish You Were Here – Jody Picoult

This book is… good. So far, anyway. I’m almost through it, and I’ve read many books that have ended in such an idiotic way that it ruined a great book, but so far it is really interesting. I’m mildly obsessed with any book that has anything to do with the pandemic, and this one is very much about it. It is very, very good. So far.

4). 44

As in, I’m almost 44. How lovely. (I know that sounded sarcastic, but it isn’t. I’m truly grateful for every year.) Feel free to send me presents and cards or coffee or just some sparkly thoughts.

Awkward Selfie

5). Photography

This is the year I’ve decided to do some things I’ve always thought about doing, but never found the courage to do. Like make a real go of taking photos. I’ve started a Facebook page and will probably eventually start another webpage for my photography business, Small Moments Photography. I plan on giving it more time and effort come spring, when it doesn’t seem like a punishment to do outdoor photos. Wish me luck!

Well, that’s about all for now. Today is a half-day, and Monday is Winter Break Day, then Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, and all the busyness that surrounds parties etc, so it’s going to be a few days of crazy. Have a great rest of the week, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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