Copycat Barbie Spa Bathroom

Hello from Michigan on this sunny but frosty winter morning!

I’ve been in the land of obsession lately as I’ve been creating a Barbie Spa Bathroom and accessories. As much as we love all things Barbie around here, my/our pet peeve is that to get anything good, you have to purchase a set WITH ANOTHER BARBIE DOLL in it. We have far, far too many generic blonde Barbies and the thought of adding more to the bin is just… ugh.

What started this train of thought was Harlow admiring these two sets:

While there were aspects of each I liked (and more importantly, Harlow liked) I just didn’t want more Barbies and I really didn’t need some of the extra plastic stuff that came with it. We already have spa masks, dogs galore, plastic soaps, ducks, etc, and even a foot spa. Yes, Harlow is spoiled and I’m a huge enabler.

As I was looking at it, the things I liked best were the shelving unit, the plant (of course, Harlow loved the cat shaped planter), the wax burner, the sign, the bath shelf, and the robe. We don’t need another tub, but while I was looking at it, I couldn’t help see the Tide Pods container that I had just emptied. I worked pretty straight through for several days, and these are my results. Let me know what you think!

In addition to the items shown in the Barbie sets, I made a Thankful sign, a wicker basket to hold towels (made out of an old Keurig pod), a loofah brush, and used an old piece of plank-looking wood for a rustic bath mat. I really love how it turned out. Her lemon robe with matching slippers and headband are just so adorable, too. I even made actual wax melts from a candle I cut chunks out of and coated in ModPodge to preserve. The bath puff is from a previous post.

Just for giggles, I also made a super cozy robe and a hair towel. The tiny button kills me.

So now that that particular obsession is out of my system, I can focus on what is sure to be my NEXT obsession, which is planning Harlow’s Spa Birthday Party! I’m so excited!

Have a great weekend!

FYI – the planter is made of Play Doh and felt for the plant. The wax burner is made from Play Doh, a piece of a glue stick with a strand of a paint brush bristle in it, and actual candle wax for the wax pods. The tub is made from the bottom of a Tide Pod container, latex tubing (60 cents total at Ace Hardware), and polymer clay for the faucet and drain. The loofah is from a piece of painted sponge glued to a small fragment of painted wood. The bathtub shelf is just a bunch of shrapnel pieces of wood fragments I glued together and painted brown.

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