T-shirt Resizing

Do you have a favorite Tee that doesn’t fit anymore? I loved this shirt before I got thinner, but it just looked ridiculous on my smaller frame. I decided to “shrink” it. You do need some sewing skills for this one, but honestly, not much. What I did was to pull a shirt I love the fit of and place it over the bigger shirt. Then I took a chalk pencil, marked it out, pinned it so it didn’t squirm around while I sewed, and stitched it up. It turned out really well, (although I may have made it a SQUIDGE too tight).

I wore it that night to see my girl in the school talent show. She KILLED it! She was so awesome!

It is a pretty easy fix for a shirt you don’t want to lose. I used this technique last summer to make a shirt that Harlow’s uncle had given her (in a size women’s M-ish) into her own size. She now wears it all the time!

Have a great Tuesday!

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