Spa Birthday & Recommendations

I have been in full party planning mode! Harlow’s birthday is coming up this month and this year’s theme is SPA DAY! We are SO excited!

The invitations turned out really cool.

We will be doing foot soaks, a manicure game, pedicures, making sugar scrubs and lip gloss, and maybe a facial! We will have cute themed cupcakes, cucumber sandwiches, and fruit/veggies. Spa food. I have a TON left to do, but I’m really having fun, and Harlow and her friends are very excited.

On top of that, I’ve made a few Barbie things. Namely a “Cattitude” sweatshirt that matches the sweatshirt I made for Harlow, and a baby onsie.

On that note, I’d like to offer some recommendations. I always love hearing where people get their stuff, and although I make zero money on this blog, I’d like to maybe help some other people that I think deserve a notice.

Barbie stuff: Jan’s Doll Boutique. While she does have a lot of big dresses and fancy things that we don’t really get into, she has some casual items and most importantly, PAJAMAS that are so adorable! She also has fun accessories like sleeping bags, and lots of Chelsea (and other sisters, brothers, and Ken) sized clothes.

Photography: I worked with this man for several years, and in his retirement, he has expanded his photography interest and now has a shop on Etsy. He’s really talented, and his prices are unbelievably reasonable. Fauxtography By Dave (Plus he’s really funny.)

Misc: J & R Laser Engraving I’m not sure what category to put them in, but I’ve purchased several wooden decorations (including the snowflakes shown) and garden stakes from this local business. They will paint your wooden purchases FOR you if you prefer. They are a great little company!

Well, that does it for today. I have to go pack up for a weekend at Grandma’s house!

Have a great weekend, all!

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