The Not-So-Relaxing Spa Birthday Party

It’s official. My girl is officially in the double-digits. The big One Oh. Tween City. Oi. My heart.

We started off Harlow’s 10th birthday by reading to shelter cats. It is a wonderful program that just started at the Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan. She gets to combine two of her favorite things… reading Bad Kitty and cats.

Then it was time to rush home and get ready for her party. We had two last-minute cancellations which were pretty disappointing, but it actually probably made it more manageable for me in the end. Trying to run a spa for little girls is not for the faint-hearted! I gifted each girl several spa items, including personalized robes, headbands with cat ears (of course), flip flops, nail polish, bath bombs, toe dividers, lipstick – which we later used for a cute keepsake), plus they took home the sugar scrub and lip gloss we made.

To be honest… it was mostly like this all afternoon! Ha!

I made the cupcakes from scratch for the first time ever. Chocolate and vanilla, with traditional buttercream frosting on some (pink) and marshmallow frosting on the others (white). Marshmallow frosting is my new favorite frosting ever. Soooo good. After the party was over, we FINALLY opened all the gifts. Her friends are so generous and thoughtful! You can tell they really know her! Plus, she got a “biggest girl” bike! It has gears and everything! She and her dad rode for quite a while yesterday in cold Michigan Sprinter weather. She loved it! (Sprinter is Spring/Winter… because Michigan.)

If anyone wants recipes or links to anything I used, let me know in the comments, or email me. I’m happy to share!

Now on to Easter Planning! Yay!!! I’m heading out to put the bunny ears and nose on my car!


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