Glitter Shaker Bookmarks DIY

For most of this school year, I’ve been helping a few girls with their reading and comprehension skills. The group is called The Breakfast Club. It has been really fun – the girls are all so sweet. Next week is the last week The Breakfast Club will meet for the year, so I wanted to do something fun for them. I decided an appropriate gift would be a bookmark. I saw some versions of DIY glitter bookmarks, but all of them included heat-sealing the outer edges, and since I don’t have any kind of “fuser” I decided to just sew it! I LOVE how they turned out.

First, I bought a clear plastic folder from the Dollar Tree. I traced a bookmark we already had, and cut four of the shapes out of the doubled clear plastic. I sewed along the bottoms, using fun colors of thread. Then I opened them up, and using round foam stamp paint brushes and ModPodge, made circles on the inside of the plastic. I sprinkled glitter on the rounds and waited for them to dry. While they were drying, I cut their names out on my Cricut, reversing the letters so I could put them inside the plastic (so they won’t eventually peel off). I attached them to the inside after I dusted out the extra glitter, sewed the sides shut, leaving the top open, and poured in shaped sequins. I had some laying around, but also purchased a couple of packets of them from JoAnn Fabrics. Then I sewed about an inch from the top, and again right along the top. Then in between the two top seams, I punched a hole for the tassel. To make the tassel, I basically just wrapped embroidery thread as you would to make a pompom, but tied it in the middle to a piece of longer thread, wrapped the very top, and cut the loops. I absolutely adore how they turned out and I can NOT wait to give them to the girls next week! This was really fun to make, too, if you need a fun, girly project to do at a slumber party or play date. If you don’t want to sew, and don’t have a fuser, I don’t see why you couldn’t just glue/hot glue the edges.

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