Behind the Baby Steps

Welcome to Baby Steps & Mommy Moves!  Thanks for stopping by!

I am Monica.


Mom to Harlow since 2013


Wife to Chris since 2003


I created this space as a mental retreat to escape my 8-5 desk job.

I want it to be where I share what I learn about mothering, and health, and growing as a person.

I want it to be where I share silly things that make me smile or laugh.

I haven’t always been healthy, or treated myself well.  Since having my daughter, I’m determined, once and for all, to figure it out so I can keep her from having to learn it all the hard way.  To love and care for herself and her health from the beginning.  To know that her self worth is so much more than a number on a scale or on the tag in her jeans.

I’m a work in progress and learning as I go.

Baby steps.


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