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What I Did This Weekend – {1/31 – 2/1}

Happy Monday, all!  Hope you had a great weekend! I woke up to thigh-high snow drifts (this is after Chris snow-blowed last night) and 17 degree weather.  On a Monday.  woo.  Luckily, I made it the mile into work without … Continue reading

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How Life is “Supposed” to Be… and How it Really Is, My Sister of the Year Award, & Another Harlow-ism

That must be the longest title in the history of the blogosphere, right? I just have a lot on my mind this morning!   While reading the Awesome Super Mom Chelsea‘s blog, I saw this quote she posted a screen … Continue reading

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Success & Healthy Decisions

Last night was another mess, folks.  Teething is a beast.  Harlow woke up just after I’d fallen asleep at 11:15pm.  I finally got her down again at 1am.  She screamed 90% of the time.  Oi. Which, this morning, inevitably led … Continue reading

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Things on my mind today…

I don’t really have a focus today.  I blame the combination of sleep deprivation and cold medicine.  So instead, I’ll just give you a random bunch of topics rattling about in my brain. Toddler Sleep Regression As I have mentioned … Continue reading

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2015! Happy New Year!

Hope everyone’s New Year was… well, better than ours! Chris got that crazy flu on New Year’s Eve.  Let’s recap… Harlow got it during our family Christmas party, I got it on Christmas Eve, and Chris got it on New … Continue reading

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New Year, New You! (or, me, rather…)

A New Year’s Resolutions post!     Okay, okay.  I know it is still early-ish December, but I like to think about my goals early.  I don’t believe in starting an all-or-nothing approach on January 1st, but these are things … Continue reading

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September Grocery Budget Challenge – plus an update on my Mini Goal 1

Our grocery bill has always been on the hefty side.  We are fairly picky about our food. For example, years ago, while on a “saving” kick, I bought a package of frozen chicken breasts for Chris.  It did not go … Continue reading

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