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What I Did This (Thanksgiving) Weekend {11/27 – 11/30}

I had such a nice, long holiday weekend! Thursday morning, Chris and I sat around and debated whether or not to make the trip up to my dad’s house.  Our entire 2 hour drive is along Lake Michigan, and there … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in Pictures

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Days 20 & 21 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 20 – Where I want to be in 10 years? This is a toughie…  I have hopes, of course, of what life will look like in 10 years, but I also firmly believe that you make a plan to … Continue reading

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What I Did This Weekend {10/18 – 10/19}

Oh, my.  So Much Fun this weekend… Saturday Saturday morning, I ran around like a crazy person trying to pack up all of Harlow and my stuff since we were going to be hitting the road right after swim class. … Continue reading

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Too Early to “Fall”? (and randomness)

It has been over TWO YEARS since my last Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I felt like the trumpets in Heaven were sounding when I saw it listed on the menu board this morning. …and a donut, because self control = … Continue reading

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Senior Pictures (unedited, so don’t look too close…)

*I finally am able to post this…   My first senior picture photo shoot was super fun (and exhausting!).  My cousin, Vonnie, and her entourage got to our house around noon on Saturday.  My sister stayed with a napping Harlow … Continue reading

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Mini Goal 1 Update, Senior Photos, and Blast from the Past

Good afternoon, kids! I had a great weekend!  The senior photos went really well (considering I haven’t done a senior photo shoot in 9 years!) and I will be posting some on here as soon as I release them to … Continue reading

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