Care Bear Birthday

Harlow’s SEVENTH birthday is coming up so fast!  And as she is known to do, she wants a birthday party theme that no longer exists.  Care Bears.  I’m pretty sure I probably had a Care Bears themed party 30+ years ago.  Now, you CAN get a few things online, but IF you can find it, it is generally ridiculously “vintage” expensive.  So.  That leaves me and my craft room.  With things not being the most stable in my world right now, I didn’t really want to dive into crafting all the things for her party, but I certainly can’t (and wouldn’t under the best of circumstances) pay vintage Care Bear prices.  I’m just now starting to think and try some things out.  Like, do I really want to DIY our own plates?  I’m wavering on if the kids would care, or even notice!  I did one as a quick idea mock-up, but…  I don’t know.


I’m going to make a banner, and cupcake pokes, but outside of that, I’m just not sure what to do!  Maybe nothing!  The kids will be busy bowling and I’m sure decorations beyond a banner and a couple of balloons would be totally uninteresting and pointless.  The plate was easy to make, though, so making 12 (better) versions wouldn’t be a big deal. Just print out a picture, cut it into the correct shape/size, and mod-podge (or I may try spray adhesive) it to the back of a clear plate.

I have the cupcake pokes ready to make/print…pops

Nothing fancy.  The banner will be pretty similar.  I am hoping to find rainbow ribbon, but I’m having a surprisingly hard time doing so!

Have a great Monday, and an even better week!

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When it Rains… Bloom.

When it rains, it pours.  We all know what that means.  Life lately has thrown some more unexpected curveballs that I just had no way of anticipating.  While still grieving the loss of my dad, it just sometimes is overwhelming and my anxiety is at a previously-unheard of level, but I’m holding it together.  In appearances, anyway.  So what do flowers do when it rains?  They soak it up to be used when the sunshine finally comes back out, and then they bloom.  That’s all I’m praying for.20200130_103014

I feel like I say this every year, but this is the longest January ever.


Keep blooming, lovelies!

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So This is Christmas…

I’m just going to admit it.  I’ve been on a rampage this season.  It’s almost as if the heartbreak we suffered this summer is making me determined to have a PERFECT Halloween, and a PERFECT Thanksgiving, and a PERFECT Christmas.  I have been stressing myself out to new levels I didn’t know existed.  I wake up in the middle of the night panicked about my never-ending to-do list of gifts to buy, and make, and send out in time.  It is, quite frankly, ridiculous.  But I also think this must be part of my grieving process.  My quest to make it a joyful season for my family.  (I’m not the kind of person to inflict my stress on my people…  I’ve never been good at sharing.)  That all being said, I have been pretty happy with my progress, and the things I’ve made this season, and I finally feel like I’m at a place that gives me some breathing room and a chance to relax.


Since the snow hasn’t been cooperating, I never got to do my Christmas Unicorn Princess session…  c’est la vie.  See?  I can roll with things!  Sometimes…  So I had to improvise for Christmas cards and move it inside, with a beloved, but much smaller critter companion.


I have a lot to be grateful for.  I have a supportive and loving husband, a healthy, smart, beautiful little girl, a healthy, sweet puppy baby, wonderful family and friends.  I have a home, and food, and joy.  I am healthy.  I am happy.  My heart is full.  Still healing, but full.  I hope this holiday season allows your heart to be full as well.

Merry (early) Christmas, and may the coming year be YOUR year, whatever that means for you.





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Autumn Unicorn & Princess

So I did a thing last weekend that I’m totally excited about.  A friend of mine posted a photo of her daughter with a small unicorn pony a couple of years ago that I’ve obsessed over ever since.  I finally got an opportunity to recreate that idea, but with a massive unicorn and an autumn twist.  The colors in our area are so breathtakingly stunning right now, and fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  I’m in love with everything autumn.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I purchased the white dress from Wish, already owned the gold cape, ordered the horn from Etsy, and made all the floral bits, mostly from flowers from Dollar Tree.  I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.  Especially considering that the day was ridiculously gusty-windy, and about 42 degrees.  Yikes!  My little princess did such a wonderful job in some pretty gnarly conditions!  I was freezing!!!  I really didn’t think I’d end up with anything usable.  I’m so glad to have been mistaken.

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Spooky Mirror

Hello, all!  I’ve just completed a fun mirror project for Halloween that turned out… okay.  It was very fussy and difficult, but I’ve gotten good feedback on it, so I thought I would share.  As most things do, it all started with Pinterest.  I found some creepy-cool mirrors that I thought looked so awesome for Halloween.  So, I had my sister find me a mirror, grabbed Bellatrix off of the internet images page, and got to work.

That’s where it fell apart.  Well, technically, the problem was that it WOULDN’T fall apart.  The darn mirror was just too well made!  The backing was completely sealed onto the mirror.  And once I elbow-greased my way through that, the actual mirror layer was… so… so… difficult to get through.  In the end it turned out well enough, though.

The way it is SUPPOSED to work, is you print out a spooky photo, easily take the mirror out of the frame, use some sand paper to take out the mirror layer, insert spooky picture, replace mirror, hang, done.  Easy-peasy, right?  Sure.  Ahem.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Baby Steps

Things have been hard since my dad passed away.  But as he said, “Life is for the Living”, and boy, does it keep going whether you are grieving or not. Let me give you an update on life…

Since Dad’s passing, Abbey (who seems determined to give me a nervous breakdown) ate a box of raisins, which is toxic to dogs.  Like… the vet told me to get in there immediately and asked if I lived close when I called to inquire.  She spent three days in the “hospital” getting her stomach pumped, charcoal administered, and levels monitored.  She came out of it unscathed, thank God, but it was an ordeal. Since then, she has developed some growths on her gums that we are getting checked out tomorrow.  (Not so Fun Fact, one of the possible causes, according to Dr. Google, is Multiple Myeloma for dogs.  Are you f*cking kidding me???)


I’m totally chill about costing you $720… those raisins were delish and totally worth it.


Harlow started cheerleading and first grade.  Cheerleading is two days a week, an hour and a half long practice and then games on Saturdays.  It is… a lot.  Oh, and I’m coaching her squad!  Our last game day lasted three. hours.  And as always with school of any kind, it has been a struggle and an adjustment.  She just doesn’t love school…  She also doesn’t love being separated from me.  She’s getting used to it again, though.


My husband’s job has gone through a shift, and hopefully (fingers crossed!) he’ll be spending a lot more time at home!  Like, instead of working 80 hours a week, maybe 50!  It might be a slow transition getting there, but the light is on the horizon!

As for me, I’m just here.  I’ve tried to get some crafting in, but I haven’t done a ton.  I revamped an old chair (the one I used for Yvonne’s senior photos), made Harlow’s 1st Day of School sign, and a card for my cousin’s upcoming wedding.  Oh, and a TON of weeding, because yardwork sucks.  Other than that, I’ve just been trying to play catchup on things after summer break.  Tossing stuff, cleaning stuff, etc.  Life goes on, even if your heart is breaking and you have to stop in the middle of filling out school paperwork and sob in the bathroom because your dad is listed as an emergency contact on the form.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Life is for the Living, but sometimes it’s hard to put that into practice.  But I’m trying.  Baby Steps.


I hope you all have a blissful week.  I plan on being back around a lot more, with more crafts and recipes, including a slow cooker corn chowder recipe I’m planning for tonight!


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Saying Goodbye


About two months ago, I sat down and wrote out my dad’s journey with Multiple Myloma.  I wrote about his diagnosis, his struggle, his story, and how grateful I was to be celebrating his 75th birthday when just a couple of years ago we believed we were going to lose him.

Then I deleted the entry, because my dad has always been a very private man, and it wasn’t my place to lay it all out for the world to see.

Less than two months later, I stood with family around his hospital bed while he took his final breath.  His passing was “unexpectedly expected”.  He was doing so well for so long… until he suddenly wasn’t.  The downward spiral was rapid.  I am heartbroken.  I am lost.  I am angry.  I can’t believe that such a huge personality, such a strong, good human being, such an amazing life is just… gone.  I know he is in a better place, reunited with my mom, his parents, and so many other friends and family that have gone before him.  I know he’s no longer suffering, no longer sick, no longer struggling, but it is so hard.  I don’t have any more words.  I just miss my dad.

Dad Obituary

Erma Bombeck

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