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Bag Lady Test Run

I have a bunch of these fun bags I made just hanging around my craft room, so I thought I’d see if anyone was interested in buying them.  They are currently on ebay, if you want to check them out! … Continue reading

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New Year, New You! (or, me, rather…)

A New Year’s Resolutions post!     Okay, okay.  I know it is still early-ish December, but I like to think about my goals early.  I don’t believe in starting an all-or-nothing approach on January 1st, but these are things … Continue reading

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September Grocery Budget Challenge – plus an update on my Mini Goal 1

Our grocery bill has always been on the hefty side.  We are fairly picky about our food. For example, years ago, while on a “saving” kick, I bought a package of frozen chicken breasts for Chris.  It did not go … Continue reading

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Mini Goal 1 Update, Senior Photos, and Blast from the Past

Good afternoon, kids! I had a great weekend!  The senior photos went really well (considering I haven’t done a senior photo shoot in 9 years!) and I will be posting some on here as soon as I release them to … Continue reading

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Perfect Egg Sandwich

I’ve been trying to figure out a breakfast I can make at work (that doesn’t come from an instant oatmeal packet…soooo sick of those right now) for a while now.  I just don’t have time to eat breakfast before work, … Continue reading

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Mini Goal 1 – Hydration/Drink Choices (3 Parts)

Part 1: Water One of the biggest things I’ve noticed in my self-evaluation is that I don’t drink water.  I used to drink a minimum of 60oz a day (yes, I kept track).  These days, I may literally not have … Continue reading

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