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Great Expectations vs Reality Bites (Plus, My 36th Birthday Long Weekend!!!)

Chris worked super late Thursday, so I had the evening to myself.  I picked up an Amy’s pizza and settled in for my last night as a 35 year old.  Wild and crazy, I am…  Frozen Pizza/Ginger Ale/ Property Brothers … Continue reading

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That Weekend We Did Absolutely Nothing… {1/3 – 1/4}

This was the lowest key of low-key weekends.  The laziest of the lazy.  And after the last few weekends we’ve had, it was bliss. We stayed in our pajamas 90% of the weekend, only leaving/getting dressed to go run and … Continue reading

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Let me tell you about my night…

Let’s start off this way… Yesterday morning, Harlow woke up as sweet as a chorus of angels.  That is, she didn’t have a meltdown when I changed her from her jammies to her daycare clothes, and she put on her … Continue reading

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10 Toddler Must Haves

Here are some things I absolutely love during Harlow’s toddler days (so far).   Blankie Harlow is inseparable from Blankie these days.  I first bought it for her on a whim when she was around 11 months old (maybe?).  Until … Continue reading

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Four Fact Friday

  Fact One I’m on the hunt for flameless scented candles for home and office.  I don’t know if they exist, but I’m hoping!   I’m ready to smell pumpkin and pine for the holiday season, but I’m leery of open … Continue reading

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Teething is the new Labor & Days 16 & 17 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

I’m convinced that teething is the new consequence for women for Eve & the apple incident.  Epidurals took the punishment out of labor, and there is just nothing you can really do about teething…  last night I was up roughly … Continue reading

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What Abbey & I Did This Weekend – {11/8 – 11/9}

Happy Monday, ya’ll!  We’re starting another week, nice and fresh!  Hope you had a great weekend! Due to a lack of plans and teething issues (f.u., teething) we had a very boring low-key couple of days, so I’ll give you … Continue reading

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